20 April 2024

How Martech streamlines business processes

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If you’re looking to streamline your business processes, then Martech could be for you. Without any further ado, let’s take a dive straight in.

What is Martech?
Martech is short for marketing technology, and it refers to the various forms of technology and software that business owners use to monitor, plan, and initiate their marketing campaigns. Martech tools help businesses to streamline their marketing tasks and functions, as well as automate them and improve how data and information are collected and tracked.

When referring to the range of different tools, systems, and software used within the marketing processes a business deploys, they will often be referred to as the ‘Martech Stack’. So, how do you streamline business processes with Martech?

What Do You Want to Achieve and Where Are Your Customers?
Martech can help you to clearly define your business aims and goals. You must first understand why you are doing what you plan to do to understand why it’s necessary. Martech can also help your team in finding out where your customers are likely to be. Can you reach them via certain social media channels? Or would it be better to reach them via TV and radio adverts?

Martech Solutions
Martech stacks usually contain 7 key tools that are used to monitor, analyse, and follow the marketing cycle. Companies will differ on the tools they choose to use, especially if they exist within different fields. However, the key aspects of the Martech stack should always remain the same. They are as follows:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM solution)

You will need a location for all of the digital assets that you own. This is where you can manage and monitor all of your digital assets in one single area, and this will improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your systems and tools.

  • Social Media Management

If you are using several social media channels, it’s worth possessing a system (such as Buffer) that will enable you to post on several platforms at once. These types of platforms will also allow you to manage your potential customers from one location, and this will save you valuable time.

  • Marketing Automation

There are several areas you will likely want to automate (such as email response, initial responses via web forms etc). Possessing the technology to do so will quicken processes, and this will also help you to filter out any leads that do not work for you.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Having a location that links the communication channels you have with customers is key in the sales area, but it’s also important for marketing too.

  • Analytics Tools

You must analyse everything you do to track its effectiveness over time. Only through analytics can you continue to learn and grow.

  • Content Management System

It’s essential to have an effective content management system, as content will likely be the driving force behind your marketing strategy.Here you can monitor and manage all of your company’s online presence – e.g. the website, blogs etc.

  • Lead Management

Since you will likely be receiving leads from a range of channels (e.g. email, paid lists, social media), you will need a centralised location from which to manage, monitor, and compare them.

If you’re looking to invest in technology to streamline your business processes, then you should take a close look at Martech solutions. And if you’re aiming to diversify and streamline your investment portfolio before you do so with your marketing processes, why not consider Bitcoin Trader?

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