13 June 2024

Love springs eternal

| The European |

Although the pandemic has meant love must blossom online, our relationships with those we hold dear will always endure, says Amber Kelleher of Kelleher International

Human beings have realised what is most important in life during these unprecedented times. It is a personal connection and being with loved ones. Although this pandemic has hurt many businesses, big and small, Kelleher International has been fortunate to see a significant increase in members. We are humbled by the role we have played in facilitating these connections.

While social distancing has been the overriding theme of the past year, we have been able to connect people across the globe. We’ve heard many inspiring success stories and the majority of them are because of technology and our clients willingness to use these tools. For our members, meeting virtually has been the springboard to new relationships and marriages all over the world.

Team spirit

I would like to thank The European for the ‘Top Global Matchmaker’ award and I would like to recognise my trailblazing mother, Jill Kelleher, who launched Kelleher International in 1986. It has been such a great bonding experience to work with my mother and we really do make a tremendous team.

Being in this position, bringing people together and watching their families grow, is incredibly rewarding. There really is nothing better. It has also opened up so many doors and opportunities which have allowed myself and our clients to connect in other ways as well. We are responsible for countless business ventures, non-profits,  and partnerships that have been started between our clients through our vast network of amazing individuals.

Our partnership with Richard Branson and Virgin Unite has brought thought-leaders together on Necker Island for our semi-annual leadership gatherings since 2012. We have raised millions of dollars for multiple non-profits through the years. Giving back and staying connected to great causes is in our DNA and lives through us in our company culture. We transform lives through purposeful connection and love. We believe there is no higher calling.

As we emerge from this cocoon and once again start to spread our wings, let’s remember that the most important things are not measured in accumulated wealth, but instead, measured in the relationships we have and those we hold dear.

With the anticipation of spring and the world opening back up, our prayers will continue to go out to those most affected by Covid-19. We will continue the important work of bringing people together, and keeping love and connection at the centre of everything we do.

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