13 June 2024

New opportunities in times of crisis

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A sharp increase in online trading activity over the last 12 months has allowed FPM.Global to expand its product offering and allow affiliates even more flexibility

Over the past year, the already huge cryptocurrency and forex markets have exploded in popularity as more and more ordinary people began investing and trading during the pandemic. Digital currencies, in particular, have enjoyed a wild 12 months, rising from local lows to dizzy new heights. In fact, according to the Bank of International Settlements, forex is now worth an eye-watering $7tn a day. Moreover, we have actually seen a convergence of the two markets, with each being increasingly traded by traditional investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Combining asset classes

This growing interest in both segments has presented an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketing; the potential for fresh leads and conversions has never been higher. Naturally, many partners are focusing their marketing efforts on platforms that combine both asset classes in a bid to leverage what appears to be a long-term consumer trend towards mixed crypto/fiat portfolios. FPM.Global (Financial Partners Marketing) is a world-leading affiliate network specialising in providing exclusive financial offers for webmasters and affiliates to monetise traffic to these platforms.

Another of FPM.Global’s main attractions is its flexibility. It provides its affiliates with a payment scheme choice according to their own individual preferences – marketers with FPM.Global can receive CPA (cost-per-acquisition) remuneration, which gives them a flat, dependable rate per referral instead of the uncertainty of commission-based models. However, the company also offers the option of traditional referral network structures, too.

After a whirlwind year of growth, FPM.Global now has over 20,000 affiliates in over 50 countries worldwide and boasts an impressive conversion rate of up to 27%. FPM.Global offers the highest payouts for forex and crypto traffic. Its affiliates enjoy timely payouts and flexible payment plans.

Following a trailblazing 12 months for FPM.Global, it felt fitting to be nominated by The European as the ‘Best Financial Affiliate Program 2021’ and the ‘Best Forex Affiliate Program 2021’, and ultimately take home these prestigious accolades.

FPM.Global hopes that the solid foundation it has laid over the previous year will enable it to push on with its ambitious expansion plans, while leveraging the new normal to simultaneously enhance both the level of service and quality of opportunities they provide to their valued affiliates.

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