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The virtual queuing app helping global businesses navigate pandemic restrictions

TIMIFY – the online scheduling and resource management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform trusted by over 55,000 organisations – has launched its TIMIFY Q app. This queue management software means walk-in visitors to any retail or waiting room space, from grocery shops to vaccination centres, can simply scan a QR code, select a service, and join their virtual queue all while maintaining a physical distance.

The launch of TIMIFY Q comes at a crucial time for businesses as they look to navigate COVID-19 measures during lockdown. Customers receive a complete and interactive queue service via their smartphones, resulting in seamless queuing experience. In these challenging times, customer satisfaction has never been more important; by allowing customers to walk around, maintain social distancing and then be notified when it is their slot is key to retention.

Andreas Knürr, co-founder and CEO of TIMIFY comments: “Almost a year on from the first lockdown, businesses across the globe still find themselves struggling to keep on top of ever-changing restrictions. The economy is facing a long and uncertain recovery and it is imperative that businesses have tools at their disposal to support customers and keep trading safely. At TIMIFY we pride ourselves on giving our clients so much more than scheduling capabilities which is why, based on customer feedback, we developed TIMIFY Q.”

The app is available in the TIMIFY App Marketplace for all Enterprise customers. Once the service is set up, customers can scan the QR code using the camera on their smartphone and follow the steps displayed on the screen. The customer then selects the service they want and is given a wait time and ticket number. There is also the option to add priority customer types which allows qualifying customers to skip the waitlist and go to the top of the queue – vital for high-risk individuals.

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