Fidesmo and Visa enter into a collaboration

Banking & Finance
| The European | 21 January 2021

The collaboration enables more banks to offer the secure and convenient wearable payment service Fidesmo Pay

The integration between Fidesmo and Visa’s tokenisation platform VTS opens up for any bank issuing Visa payment cards to activate the payment service Fidesmo Pay. Activating Fidesmo Pay gives customers the opportunity to put a Visa payment card token into a variety of wearables – bracelets, keyrings or watchstraps, to mention a few – to tap and pay on any contactless terminal that accepts Visa. 

“Integrating Visa’s tokenisation service is a very important milestone for Fidesmo and our ongoing expansion. The collaboration helps us reach a whole new group of card holders at a large scale, as it opens the opportunity for any bank issuing Visa payment cards to activate Fidesmo Pay” says Mattias Eld, CEO of Fidesmo.

“Visa is the world’s leader in digital payments – and partnering with Fidesmo is a perfect example of how we can use our global reach and know-how to bring great technology to life at a broader scale. Wearables improve the shopping experience for customers and we are proud to continue our support to developing this technique” says Hélène Podsadni Nilsson, Head of Fintech at Visa in the Nordics and Baltics.

Paying with a wearable will bring the same benefits and security as paying with a physical Visa payment card. Wearables that can be used with Fidesmo Pay are provided by several European fashion brands and can be bought either online or in-store.

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