16 June 2024

Remaining Human in a Digital World

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Modern technology is important, but we can’t lose sight of the benefits human interaction has upon us. Kelly Rouse, HR Consultant at PocketSmart explains how their service can help to stay personable and human.

invest a lot of my time in people professionally and personally and am very passionate about Human Resources. My mission is to relieve the stress and pressures of key stakeholders and clients, leaving them feeling confident and content by achieving promised results. 

Having worked with the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England, I experienced first-hand what it meanfor companies to invest in their employees and how positively it impacts their overall performance and inadvertently, the company’s growth. Being a part of the HR department, which supported and advised over 2,000 employees, represented so much more than a training field for me, it gave me insight into employee-employer dynamics and the affect it has on productivity within the workplace.   

More recently, I have spent my time supporting smaller to medium businesses with restructures and internal procedures, and this has exposed me to challenges that SMEs face compared to larger organisations. To help businesses grow and help employees feel at home in the enterprises where they work, I decided to set up PocketSmart – an HR Consultancy and Business Support service  

Work smarter, not harder

We are passionate about supporting businesses, helping them grow and, ensuring organisations are a great place to work! 

PocketSmart is a value-adding HR service, both on a strategic and an operational levelWe provide human resources, project management, recruitment and compliance services to a wide variety of companies. Our role in supporting SMEs and larger enterprises may appear simple but is highly important and cannot be overemphasised.  

Many CEOs are taken away from the crux of their own business goals to keep up to date with endless demands from HMRC and complying to regulatory bodies. They simply do not have the time to do both. HR is equally as important as these business tasks and is often overlooked as an operational need for a small– to medium-sized business. However, no matter how big or small your organisation is, having a clear structure in place and looking after your ‘people’ is essential. 

The idea of PocketSmart is to support SMEs with workloads, people issues and HR, as well as other general business support. I’m taking my 20 years’ experience of working for large, formal, city organisations to working with smaller businesses by providing a friendly, affordable and valueadding HR service accessible to all companies.  

Our support network is a small friendly team of CIPDqualified members with over 70 years of HR experience amongst them. Our subject matter experts ensure that clients know they are getting accurate information and will receive high-level results. 

Our services and advice are affordable and personable, making the process for clients an easy one. The PocketSmart services can also be tailored to meet your business’ needs and budget.  

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