24 April 2024

Forex game changer

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Proud to be the official trading partner of FC Barcelona, FBS continues to create innovative products and services for its global client base

FBS is a broker with an international outlook, serving clients in Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the MENA region. Its focus lies in offering financial services for currency, metals, and CFD trading to clients with different goals and backgrounds. The company offers a low barrier to entry, top-ranking apps, and a wide social trading network. Focused on solid and long-term client relationships, FBS has earned the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner.

The company’s current focus is on developing mobile products, building on its already impressive suite of apps, which includes:

FBS Trader

FBS Trader is the company’s flagship platform for online trading. The app provides a pack of the most essential tools, including the most popular currency pairs and metals, and accurate real-time stats with price charts. Developers at FBS are focused on optimising the products while bringing together simplicity and efficiency. The app is extremely convenient and easy to use – an innovative, powerful
all-in-one trading tool.


FBS has met rising demand for social trading by developing its own platform, CopyTrade. The app was released in 2018 and now has more than 4.5 million users. The CopyTrade app combines a range of versatile functions with a user-friendly interface. CopyTrade is ideally suited to the needs of those new to trading. 

Partnerships and charity

The fast-paced forex industry requires quick reactions, and yet it is so important to be trustworthy and client-oriented. Empowering this value, the company is open to mutually beneficial partnerships. In January 2020, FBS became the official trading partner of FC Barcelona. The history of the club and its philosophy inspire the company to further pioneer award-winning solutions.

For over a decade now, FBS has put social responsibility first and has invested time, money and human resources into helping those in need. Charity is one of the key values for FBS. Apart from the signature annual campaigns such as Ramadan promo and its Dreams Come True contest, the company is helping those affected by the coronavirus pandemic and other crises. FBS has recently donated to charities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brazil.

The company has received more than 50 awards from around the world, including “Best International Forex Broker” from Invest Fair Kuala Lumpur, “Best Forex Brand” from Global Brands Magazine, “Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe” from International Business Magazine and “Most Reliable Forex Broker” from The European.

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