21 May 2024

Join the new transparent data market

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If you think online services like Facebook and Google are free, think again. They come with a price in the form of users’ personal data, which these companies transform into massive advertising  revenues.

Personal data is the “new oil” in the words of The Economist, and the mining of online data is just the start. My company, Planet of finance, has re-considered the role of users in today’s data economy. Instead of considering them as passive data providers, we started thinking of them as the creators of the new data wealth. We believe in building a society that recognises this exchange and gives credit to the people who are actually producing the new systems. Creating a real, transparent data market can help everyone, and the gains should be shared with the creators.

Share data, earn shares

When you share your personal information with us, you generate a certain amount of data. Your data has a lot of value and you should benefit from it.

We are helping to bring power back to you by rewarding you for your trust and data. We want to create a transparent partnership with all the members of our platform – we consider ourselves to be fair data traders. As a registered member, you can earn Planet of finance (POF) points that can be converted into POF shares when you register and each time you contact or accept to be contacted by another member. The more actions you take on the platform, the more POF points you earn.

Whether you are a wealthy individual looking for a trustworthy financial advisor or a finance professional trying to find an efficient way to make new clients, Planet of finance will not only fulfil your needs, but also make you a shareholder of the platform.

As a Planet of finance member, when you share your data with us, we share our platform with you. It’s a win-win situation.

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