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TechAwards join the Bermuda TechWeek 2019

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Bermuda has become known as the “Silicon Valley of the Atlantic” thanks to its leadership in fintech regulation and for its creation of a welcoming and stable environment for innovation. Most recently, the island has attracted worldwide attention for its original approach to the new economy and for driving developments in the sphere. 

During the week 14-18 October, the island will be hosting Bermuda TechWeek (BTW19), a festival of fintech-focused events featuring thought-leadership sessions and networking opportunities with technology experts and innovators from around the world.

One of the events planned for BTW19 is the annual TechAwards. Launched in 2007, the TechAwards celebrate technology innovation on the island in its many forms, whether through solutions-building and e-skills development or through fostering e-entrepreneurship. The TechAwards are nominations-based, so the island’s business community commends advancements and achievements from Bermuda’s technology trendsetters in categories as diverse as “International Innovation of the Year”, “Local Innovation of the Year”, “Best New Mobile App” and “Best Youth Technology Programme”.

The short-listed nominees are invited in to present their ideas and innovations to an independent panel of judges and the winners in each category are selected by consensus. They only find out who will receive the award at the same time as the public: at the TechAwards evening reception, which then transitions into the Awards ceremony. 

The TechAwards is coordinated, organised and hosted by the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation (IPI), which operates within the Office of the Premier of Bermuda. The mission of IPI is to develop sound policies and regulatory frameworks that promote and enable innovative, cyber-secure ICT-enabled industries and to facilitate the adoption and growth of a secure and advanced digital economy. IPI is primarily outward-facing and is involved in the areas of cyber security, e-commerce, e-business, cyber safety, privacy, technology literacy and development, and internet governance.

IPI strives to ensure that technology plays its part in empowering every student, teacher, entrepreneur, and thought-leader in Bermuda and in bringing recognition to their work. It is exciting to see individuals and organisations successfully harnessing the power of technology, positively impacting lives both on and off the island. Year after year, the TechAwards continue to show that in the right context, where opportunity meets hard work, technology enables creativity and innovation.

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