13 June 2024

The European release their Autumn edition

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The Autumn edition of The European has been released. You can find the digital edition in full by subscribing here. However, if you’d like a little look preview of the fantastic editorial within, look no further…


The role of technology in medicine is growing day by day. Though the implementation of it can often save money and time, it is transforming the nature of medicine entirely, requiring an immense amount of preparation and forethought. Dr Soren Carstens (Head of Clinical Operations at BUPA Global) has found that people are more than willing to accept the role of technology, as long as there is a input and support from a human source. He explains the findings in this engaging editorial piece.

Bina Venkataraman

Business leaders are often driven by short-term victories in order to keep investors happy. Changing this short-sighted mentality into a more well-rounded approach is no mean feat. At least, this is what Bina Venkataraman found while taking on the role of Senior Advisor for Climate Change Innovation in the Obama administration. She urges businesses and individuals to think ahead, explaining that short-sightedness is a choice and not a permanent stasis.

Invest Durban

The third most populated city in South Africa is looking evermore enticing for investors, and Invest Durban provide a first-class service that helps businesses and investors find their feet. With the facilitation of a number of large-scale projects that look to present Durban as a premium destination and invigorate priority sectors, the municipality is looking unstoppable.

Gabon Power Company

Gabon may seem like a small force, with just two million inhabitants and a forest cover of about 85%. However, with a portfolio of projects totalling to a worth of more than $1bn, Gabon Power Company are lifting the lid on 10,000MW of untapped hydroelectric potential. The utilisation of public-private partnerships is supplying residents with drinking water and presenting the country as a haven for hydroelectric innovation.

Going Global

Taking your business to a global scale is the ultimate make or break process. Either you will find a strong base and grow into an international business, or you will invest time and money into nothing as your product or service struggles to take route in the international realm. Going Global is the ultimate exhibition for UK businesses looking to expand overseas. Their wide array of speakers and workshops will tackle every aspect of taking on the global stage in business.

You can find the digital edition in full by subscribing here.

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