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5 Ways of Staying Mentally Healthy in the Workplace

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Work can be physically and mentally draining. A research conducted last year by Mind, a health charity in the UK, indicates that mental health problems were prevalent for 48 percent of people in the workplace. Meanwhile, a survey taken by 44,000 employees show that only around 1/4 of this number have brought this concern forward to their employer.

Stress and burn-out are just some common phenomenons faced at work especially when much is on one’s plate. Such scenarios are inevitable and are growing pains at the workplace. But how exactly do you stay healthy while staying up on your toes at work? We share five different methods on how we deal with forks on the road.

Have fun and socialise together with work outings

Your colleagues at work would be the people you’ll be mostly around with during the week. Having said that, create engaging conversations not just about work but also about anything that doesn’t concern it such as hobbies, interests and more. You’ll be surprised to learn that your seat mate loves dogs or the person from the other department performs as a DJ during the weekends. This is also a way of finding joy in your job especially when the burn-out gets real – your colleagues would be the perfect motivator when faced with incidents at work that could be difficult to deal with.

Work as a team in a different context in group sports activities

Being able to enjoy the company of your colleagues also improves relationships in the workplace, collaboration and camaraderie when dealing with projects and clients. Studies show that sports activities exercise not just in the physical aspects but also mentally. Additionally, physical activities such as these also release ‘endorphins’ or what is known as the happy hormones. Time to get up and move for better well-being!

Ensure a confidential and anonymous complaints/issues process

Speaking up bars the way of dealing with conflicts, let alone controversial issues. Not everyone is brave enough to [possibly] face criticism, judgment and even rejection. Being able to confide confidentially ensures safety and assurance that the reported person won’t get in trouble for expressing him/herself. Managers or superiors should be able to take into action concerning factors that intoxicate the working environment for an improved and better system that will benefit both the employer and the employees. It’s all about taking the step forward.

Be open and welcoming as a boss

A boss should not only look over the welfare of the company but also the well-being of its employees. Being open to them and their needs will also make them feel that they are valued not just for the skills they contribute to the company but also their emotional welfare. Employees also see their bosses as their mentor so they are more motivated to improve themselves, being otherwise simply makes them discouraged.

Prioritise accessibility for everyone (from getting into the office to having suitable access to resources)

Employees get more motivated to work with the provided resources given by employers. Accessibility is a plus factor in making employees stay, since they utilise these provisions in helping themselves improve. Plus, this would be a more compelling factor for employees to stay given that there are resources that they wish to maximise! Providing the best materials, apparatus, etc. would be a compelling factor for your employees to stay and get better at their craft.

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