Chief Strategy Officer at BLEND Network on women in the workplace

| The European | 8 March 2019

Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Chief Strategy Officer at leading peer-to-peer property lending platform BLEND Network has commented on the the position of women in modern business.

“I am delighted to see that women are playing a greater role in such rapidly evolving industries as FinTech and alternative finance. As technology continues to disrupt the financial services industry, women in the sector must seize the opportunity to reshape the industry from within.

But they also need support to do it. Only 3% (£54m) of the money invested in UK FinTechs by venture capitalists last year went to companies with female founders, and only 17 out of 261 UK deals (6%) had at least one female founder or co-founder. This is probably not all that surprising given only 17% of FinTech senior roles are held by women. So while progress is clearly being made to encourage and promote women in the industry, we must continue to recognise that more work is needed to create a greater gender balance that offers equal opportunities for all participants in what is some of the economy’s most vibrant and dynamic sectors.”

This comment comes on International Women’s Day, a day seen to celebrate the achievements of females around the world.

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