17 June 2024

Building boats, shaping lives

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Rom Boats is a Portuguese company founded in 2017 to build innovative, luxury motor boats, based on exquisite and exclusive design. Our strategy was conceived for a niche market – to collaborate with our clients and create limited, customised editions of each model, all with unique interiors and onboard equipment.

ROM’s first model will be ROM 28, a limited edition of 20 units, all individually numbered. Working only with the finest fabrics, sewn by hand, including some equipment especially conceived by world-renowned designers, our boats present a luxury and style very rare in this segment.

Co-founder Jorge Martins

Regarding our marketing strategy, we have chosen a rather unusual path – we don’t have distributors worldwide. Our sales model is completely online, and our customer or after-sales support is provided directly by ROM, wherever the client is in the world. The client is our most valuable asset, therefore our goal is to create a long and sustainable partnership, where receiving the order is the first step, not the last.

Every client is special. From the first contact, our team of designers and engineers are there to help them to select and personalise their own boat, except for the structural parts. Our clients can select all of the exterior and interior colours; they decide the style, the fabrics, the materials for seats, plus the deck colour and design, etc. This strategy also allows us to connect and work with leading suppliers, creating a highly collaborative supply chain.

Providing opportunities

I’d like to finish with some background about our company ethos and values. We began as a small company, independently, driven by passion, honesty and hard work. But we are also a social enterprise through and through. Our recruitment policy is geared towards helping unemployed people, families in difficulty, and those who are struggling to gain a foothold in the labour market, and have no government support or incentives. This provides us with an even stronger motivation to succeed beca we are not just building boats, but rebuilding lives and careers. We truly believe in these values and they are an integral part of our mission.

So far, we have been able to develop a fantastic relationship with all of our stakeholders who see our overall project as truly unique – not just the boats we build.

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