12 April 2024

Convedo Launches New Holiday Management Tool App

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Convedo, a Business Transformation IT Consultancy firm, today announced the launch of its new Holiday Management Tool App, designed for easy integration into an Appian environment.

When it comes to managing employee holiday requests or absence, many organisations are still using Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, and email. These methods are simply not sustainable for a growing organisation and the resulting inefficiency and potential misuse leads to unnecessary financial loss.

Appian provides a leading low-code software development platform that enables organisations to rapidly develop powerful and unique applications. Convedo is fast becoming one of the key recognised partners of Appian, and have recently started to develop a road map for apps that can be integrated into their customers Appian environment.

Convedo CEO, Sascha Cutura said, ‘We are pleased that our first app which we have released has been designed based on client feedback, a simple and effective HR holiday leave entitlement app that can be quickly and effectively rolled out across a company network without the need for excessive training. The app provides for full approval and authorisation requirements and caters for existing HR employee requirements, the key benefit to this is that it can be quickly customised based on individual company requirements.’

Convedo’s Holiday Management Tool App helps employees and supervisors to ensure holidays are correctly and efficiently recorded, providing significant cost and time savings. The app addresses reductions to holiday accruals, manages staffing issues due to overlapping holidays and miscommunication, and tracks trends in employee leave.

The app delivers value to supervisors, managers and HR by providing instant access to accurate employee holiday and other absence records. It allows employees to quickly access their holiday entitlement and request time off work with ease. Additionally, this is all provided within an easy to use online mobile-ready web application.

Key Features:

· Employee self-service: Employees and their deputies can submit requests for various types of leave. The holiday balances are only debited for certain types of leave.

· Empower your team to manage holiday requests: Employees and supervisors can review current holiday balance, the approval status of requests, and deletion of planned leave.

· Simple holiday calculations: Employee holiday balances are updated automatically at the beginning of each holiday year. Annual holiday allowance can vary based on job level and employment status, e.g. full-time/part-time, permanent/temporary.

· Complete company leave management: Supervisors can make decisions on all requests submitted for employees in their own teams. Performance managers can review escalated holiday requests when supervisors fail to approve the requests.

· Team calendar: Improve efficiency and transparency with a central calendar available for supervisors to compare requests awaiting approval with approved holidays in their teams.

· Dynamic data insight: Performance Managers and Supervisors have access to various records and reports regarding employee holiday request.

· Automated notifications: All users in the application receive email notifications relevant to their role e.g. employees receive request confirmation emails and performance managers receive emails regarding employee records.

The app can be downloaded from the Appian App Market at https://community.appian.com/b/appmarket.

About Convedo

Founded in 2009, Convedo is an IT consultancy firm with headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. Convedo designs, develops, delivers, and supports business and technology solutions using best-of-breed platforms for Digital Process Automation and Digital Transformation. The company has helped countless organisations across industries such as financial services, insurance and the public sector achieve the digital transformation results that they desire.

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