19 April 2024

Ex-hacker launches world’s first blockchain powered cybersecurity solution

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After a series of data leaks from high profile brands, virus attacks to the NHS, the advent of GDPR and the growing of threat of ‘hacktivists’ and cyber terrorists, cyber security is moving up the agenda quickly for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Yet for 96% of businesses across Europe, employing a dedicated data security specialist is prohibitively expensive, leaving thousands of organisations and their valuable data vulnerable.

Now, an innovative new solution, Uncloak.io is set to disrupt the cybersecurity industry by combining artificial intelligence, bug bounties and blockchain to make industry-leading protection make accessible to all.

Founded by ex-hacker turned cybersecurity expert, Tayo Dada, Uncloak brings together pioneering technology and the human expertise of a network of ethical hackers to create next generation cyber security threat management.

Using advanced AI, Blockchain 3.0 and Ethical Hackers to forecast attacks before they strike

The only way to protect against hackers is to stay a step ahead. Much like a weather forecast, Uncloak identifies potential cyberthreats that are on their way, enabling businesses to be prepared and suggesting solutions to secure their systems before threats arrive.

Uncloak uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify hackers, their behaviour and the information they are trading publicly on the internet or via the “dark web.”

Then, by putting out bug bounties using a fully automated blockchain system, both ethical ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ hackers are able to be paid in a legitimate way for finding and sharing the newest threats and vulnerabilities.

Making cybersecurity accessible, and understandable

Uncloak works on a low-cost subscription model for organisations. Companies have access to a personalised dashboard which searches everything from printer passwords to vulnerable software within the company’s network to measure their cyber security. This dashboard shows the threat levels, and offers simple advice on how to address any potential vulnerabilities.

When a new threat is identified, the client is alerted and given steps to resolve the issue. If they aren’t able to action the solution themselves, Uncloak will connect the user with a verified local IT security expert who will be able to resolve the problem at a pre-defined and agreed cost.

Cryptocurrency to secure business privacy

Companies can subscribe to Uncloak using traditional currencies, but the platform also has its own UNC Token which can be used to pay for Uncloak subscriptions, cyber security support from recommended partners and to anonymously pay hunters to check for security bugs in specific applications.

The pre-sale of UNC tokens is now open to companies and individuals wanting to invest in Uncloak, with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starting 25th September. Companies can buy the limited amount of UNC Tokens at their lowest rate, while investors have an opportunity to buy into the commercialisation of this next generation cyber threat management solution.

Uncloak’s public platform will launch in Q4 2018, but to try a demo or find out more information about the ICO go to: uncloak.io

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