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Is your network safe from cryptominers?

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Did you realise that your business’s computer resources could be under stealth-attack from cryptominers? Cryptojacking, the hijacking of IT resources to mine cryptocurrencies, is quickly becoming a leading security threat to enterprises. After IT teams leave the office at the end of the day, their powerful computer resources are surreptitiously being used to solve complex algorithms used by blockchain validation mechanisms. These nightly cryptomining raids are racking up huge electricity costs, significantly shortening the lifespan of expensive computer hardware and threatening an organisation’s core business.
The scale of the cryptomining threat is massive and growing, as detailed in the “Allot Telco Security Trends Report”.

The report revealed that in a four month period in late 2017 over seven million end-users across Europe and Israel activated one billion protections against cryptomining malware.

Discover the enemy within

To stay undetected, cryptominers purposefully do not slow down normal business activity. But with the right network visibility tools, performance management, application control and behaviour analysis, IT teams can detect and mitigate cryptomining and other cybersecurity risks.
Our report also highlighted recent cryptojacking attack trends, focusing on databases and application servers. This knowledge allows IT teams to zero-in on off-peak behaviour patterns with tools that detect anomalous network and server activity. Furthermore, with proactive application control, administrators can block malicious sites trying to gain access to servers and quickly shut down risky applications running on their networks.

Shed light on cyber threats by leveraging network visibility

Full network visibility is critical to combat cyber threats. IT teams should consider deploying processes and tools featuring full-packet inspection to uncover anomalous communications and performance management to detect off-peak loads. As previously stated, behaviour analysis software can pinpoint anomalous and potentially costly and unwanted network activity. All of these tools combine to deliver full network visibility.

Combat the threat with Allot Secure Service Gateway

Cryptojackers can’t illegally mine cryptocurrency if they can’t communicate with the enterprise’s servers. By integrating a network monitoring solution, such as the Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG), IT teams ensure cryptojackers can’t subvert targeted servers to abuse them for cryptomining activity. To proactively repel security threats, enterprises worldwide rely upon Allot’s SSG to provide a single, scalable solution that maximises the visibility, security and control of their networks.

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