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Calling the inspired ones, the corporate shakers, business nomads, freelancers, energetic entrepreneurs, international workers, project teams, start-ups and well-established companies. We offer a beautiful place to work in addition to creating working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces was built on the idea that success breeds success. We want to redefine the way work is done. That’s why we’ve cultivated a community of thinkers and achievers. Spaces is a place where businesses grow because of people and ideas in addition to delivering an amazing place to work. Where you’ll surround yourself with those who love what they do. And where nothing beats a mental block like a great cup of coffee served by one of our expert baristas.

We’ve redefined the workplace so you can redefine the way you work. Spaces is proud to finally be launching in Germany with our first opening in Düsseldorf. A city of media, innovation and growth, Düsseldorf has a thriving start-up scene. The city is known for its variety of industries and as Germany’s centre of fashion, advertising and communication.

The city offers great transportation facilities and an international airport.

During the last few years the start-up scene in Düsseldorf has become bigger and more multifunctional – many young people took the chance to start their own business and it has worked out. Of course, in a booming start-up scene, there are also a lot of good consulting companies, which are focused on supporting start-ups and offer incubator programmes. For Spaces, it makes sense to come to such an innovative city and provide a platform for this young entrepreneurial community.

We are ready to welcome a dynamic community to our Spaces Andreas Quartier, which is opening soon. Situated right in Düsseldorf’s historic district, you’ll find that you and your team fit right in. To always stay in the loop, discover our packed calendar of business events, which includes informal get-togethers, inspirational breakfast meetings, and networking opportunities.

Spaces is committed to thinking out of the box, that’s why we’re all about flexible contracts for office space, cultivating an entire network of mobile workstations, and meeting rooms available to rent whenever you need them.

Come and visit us at our beautiful place to work. Your first coffee is on us.

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