17 June 2024

A leader in infrastructure and transport

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Heliostats HE54 installed at the solar plant NOORo III, Morocco

Renowned for its core values of innovation, commitment to quality and independent management, SENER is active in the specialist fields of engineering and construction. It also has industrial holdings in companies involved in the areas of aeronautics, energy and environment. In engineering and construction, SENER has become an international benchmark in the aerospace, power, oil & gas, marine engineering and infrastructure and transport sectors.

Infrastructure and transport is one of SENER’s main areas of activity, in which it has extensive experience across all the different disciplines. The company has earned itself a strong international reputation as a designer and supplier of transport systems that incorporate high-tech solutions. Thanks to its ability to innovate in many areas of activity, a quality for which it is widely recognised, SENER can compete in the global market. Furthermore, it works together with its clients to provide added value, improving upon their original ideas of superior solutions. As such, there is continuity in the working methods that are transmitted throughout the company and are founded on professional respect, freedom and teamwork, the exchange of ideas among experts and, above all, trust. Only by overcoming challenges can exceptional projects that improve society be conceived.

SENER has offices in 20 countries and has participated in more than 70 urban transport projects on five continents, as well as conducting more than 12,000 km of rail projects and studies, an area in which it is considered an international leader. The company also creates comprehensive designs for new high-speed lines, in addition to urban integration, railway stations and terminals.

Thanks to its extensive experience, SENER has a complete and integrated perspective when it comes to developing transport systems, participating in all the phases of the project lifecycle, from planning to the design, construction, commissioning and exploitation of the line, covering all the relevant technical disciplines with its own expert professionals. SENER’s technical capacities include: planning, tunnels and geotechnics, structures, hydraulic and environmental engineering, architecture, rail and electromechanical systems, systems integration and innovation. This allows to provide complete solutions to its clients’ needs, with multidisciplinary teams comprising specialists from different technical disciplines who pool their knowledge to find the best solutions within integrated projects.

High-speed project

SENER is currently working on the major high-speed networks being implemented in the world: namely the HS2 Project in the UK and the Californian High Speed Rail Network in the US. In the UK Network, SENER was appointed by HS2 Ltd. as one of the members to deliver the ‘Phase One Engineering Delivery Partner (EDP) Contract’. The role of the EDP focuses on providing expert engineering and construction management support as well as assisting with preparation for the procurement of the main civils contracts for the London to Birmingham stage of the route. In the US, SENER is providing the environmental and engineering services on the section from Palmdale to Burbank. These engineering services include conceptual design engineering, the analysis of alternatives before selecting the preferred choice and preparing the tender bid documents for the design and build (D&B) contracts.

In recent decades, SENER has been a solid player in the EMEA region, delivering excellence through projects in all fields of infrastructure, transportation, energy and construction.

Computer generated image of HS2 project

Transport expansion in Northern Africa

Over the last 15 years, SENER has been working in Northern Africa, particularly in Algeria, where the company has participated in projects like the Algiers Metro extension, the Oran Tramway and the Oran Metro. In Egypt, SENER is currently working on the iconic project of the Port Said tunnels which will pass under the Suez Canal.

Solar construction

In 2015, SENER began the construction of thermosolar plants NOORo II and NOORo III in Morocco. Together with NOORo I, they will comprise the biggest thermosolar complex in the world and boast a production capacity of more than 510 MW. Having been responsible for everything from the turnkey construction to the commissioning of the NOORo I plant, SENER was awarded the contract to carry out the turnkey construction of the NOORo II and NOORo III plants. All of the engineering, construction, commissioning and start-ups for this project will be carried out by SENER and its partners. SENER will therefore be responsible for completing the three thermosolar phases of the NOORo project.

In South Africa, SENER was involved in the construction of the Bokpoort concentrated solar plant in Northern Cape Province, with a capacity of 55 MW. SENER supplied key technology such as the SENERtrough® parabolic trough collectors and the molten salt storage system that enables the plants to continue to produce electricity in the absence of solar radiation.

Middle Eastern projects

In the Middle East, SENER has been working on projects since 2010 when it was awarded the contract to perform the Abu Dhabi LRT Tram study. It was the company’s first contract in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), which led to the implementation and establishment of SENER in the region. Since then, SENER has expanded to work on projects in other neighbouring countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.
Projects of note include the work being developed as designers for Dubai Metro, Doha Metro Network and Lusail LRT in Qatar, the engineering services for Doha New Port Project and the independent checking engineering services being delivered for Riyadh Metro Network in Saudi Arabia.

SENER has progressively intensified its construction, industrial and investment activity, although it still remains faithful to its origins as an engineering company, with growth and diversification rooted in high-tech solutions and a team of talented professionals. At the same time, it follows its own ‘3i’ strategy of ‘Innovation’, ‘Internationalisation’, ‘Investment’, which has consolidated SENER on an international scale as a technologically advanced company.

Taking on a transport infrastructure or architectural construction project involves managing a number of different technological areas. Today, this capacity to provide global, multidisciplinary solutions is in ever-greater demand by infrastructure owners and construction companies. Thanks to this characteristic, SENER is able to use its own resources to undertake integrated, sustainable projects and to offer its clients the best, most efficient solutions without relying on third parties.

SENER enjoys international recognition. The specialised journal ENR (Engineering News-Record) has recently published its annual ranking of the top 225 international companies in engineering design, with SENER ranking in 32nd place, having climbed up from 51st place last year. Furthermore, in the regional classification, SENER is ranked third in Latin America and first in Africa. SENER has also risen in the list of the top 150 firms worldwide in engineering design to 63rd position; up from 99th in 2016.

Global engineering and technology

SENER is a private engineering and technology group founded in 1956 that enjoys international recognition thanks to its independence and its commitment to innovation and quality. It seeks to offer its clients the most advanced technological solutions. SENER has a workforce of almost 2,500 professionals distributed across its offices in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, the United States, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. SENER’s turnover exceeds €910 billion (2016 data). In the field of engineering, SENER has become a world leader in infrastructure and transport, aerospace, power, oil & gas and marine.

Tunnels under the Suez Canal in Port Said, Egypt

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