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Uncompromising luxury – for you and the planet

Business Travel
| The European | 25 July 2017

Ever since its foundation in 1951, Hotel Glärnischhof has embodied true Swiss luxury, with an emphasis on exclusive, first-class service. And it’s not just its responsibility to guests that the hotel takes seriously – it’s also uncompromising in its passion for sustainability. With its emphasis on local, organic ingredients and seamless integration of carbon-neutral energy sources into elegant mid-century architecture, Hotel Glärnischhof proves that warm hospitality and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Located in the centre of Zurich’s financial district, just a stone’s throw from the lake, the hotel is the ideal destination for the discerning business traveller. The picturesque old town, trendy waterfront bars and world-famous Bahnhofstrasse shopping street are just a short walk away, while the station and airport are easily accessible by public transport. With its airy, well-equipped meeting rooms and trademark dedication to service, Hotel Glärnischhof is also ideally placed to host conferences and seminars.

Hotel Glärnischhof has long been one of Zurich’s premier culinary destinations, offering traditional Swiss specialties and innovative new dishes made with 100% regional and ethically sourced ingredients. The famous Le Poisson restaurant offers freshly caught fish and unique fish fondue, while Restaurant Glärnischhof emphasises local products and recipes. After dinner, guests can retire to the cosy Oak Bar, lined with polished wood and gleaming mirrors, which is home to the city’s largest selection of Swiss gins. International guests can enjoy a further taste of Switzerland with their cocktails thanks to the hotel’s exclusive Swiss tapas platters. Breakfast once again demonstrates Hotel Glärnischhof’s commitment to social responsibility, with its lavish range of delicacies from the local area complemented by top quality Fairtrade tea and coffee.

The hotel aims to ensure a stress-free stay for all travellers, which means that everything from the contents of the minibar, to use of the luxurious Luxor Fitness Centre, is included in the price. The rooms, which range from comfortable, well-appointed singles to the lavish Glärnischhof Suite, come equipped with adjustable AIRLUX mattresses for the perfect night’s sleep, and are heated by an innovative pump system that reclaims heat from Lake Zurich. It’s measures such as these that have reduced the hotel’s CO2 emissions by 80% and earned it a Green Globe certificate – all the while ensuring a first-class experience for its guests.

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