1:42 AM, March 1, 2024

Links and Gains awarded Best Corporate Legal Team 2023 – Egypt

| The European |

The European, throughout the last decade, has been celebrating achievement, innovation and excellence through our annual awards programme. We recognise organisations and individuals that stand out from the crowd, and are consequently moving their industries forward. Good governance, innovation and know-how, and quality of service are all major considerations.

The European would like to congratulate Links and Gains on winning the following title for our Global Business Awards 2023: 


Links and Gains, a multilingual law firm based in Egypt serving a global clientele in more than ten practice areas, attains the title of best corporate legal team by The European Global Business Awards of 2023. The firm’s diverse understanding of corporate law, developed over the past five years, has positioned it to offer a wide range of specialised services that are of utmost value to their clients at affordable rates.

Links & Gains has previously advised clients like Air Liquide, Danone, Nestle, and many more.

The firm prides itself on maintaining a customer-centric approach with its clients in addition to an encouraging, supportive, and nurturing environment for its team members.


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