12 April 2024

BlueRock Group AG awarded Best Sustainable Real Estate Investment Specialist 2023 – Switzerland

| The European |

The European, throughout the last decade, has been celebrating achievement, innovation and excellence through our annual awards programme. We recognise organisations and individuals that stand out from the crowd, and are consequently moving their industries forward. Good governance, innovation and know-how, and quality of service are all major considerations.

The European would like to congratulate BlueRock Group AG on winning the following title for our Global Business Awards 2023: 

Best Sustainable Real Estate Investment Specialist – Switzerland

Since its launch in 2011, BlueRock Group has prioritised sustainability and applied strict due diligence to limit its financial, technical, legal and tax risks. The Group has raised more than EUR 400m in equity and invested around EUR 1.5bn in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark over the years. BlueRock Group analyses real estate trends at the macro- and micro-economic level and then identifies promising opportunities. Full transparency towards investors and partners, supported by quarterly risk management reports, property valuations, budget updates and liquidity planning, answer to their top priority of meticulous management and oversight.  


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