18 May 2024

Saudi’s Neom Expands Ski Resort With Ritz-Carlton Reserve

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Hospitality giant Marriott International has signed an agreement with NEOM to create a new Ritz-Carlton
Reserve in the Saudi Arabian mountains.
The luxury property will feature 60 private villas, a spa, multiple fine-dining options, and swimming pools to create an “immersive experience for guests”.

It will be built in Trojena, the Gulf’s first outdoor ski resort and one of NEOM’s flagship developments.
The 60 km² resort, which lies 50km from the Gulf of Aqaba in the country’s northwest, is home to many of the country’s highest peaks.

It is currently under construction. When it opens for business in late 2026, Trojena will feature a ski village with apartments, chalets, shops, and restaurants, with a variety of adventure sports on its doorstep.
The Ritz-Carlton Reserve will join a W Hotel and a JW Marriott hotel in the region.

Philip Gullett, the executive director of Trojena, said: “Trojena is a rare destination, and we are delighted that Ritz-Carlton Reserve has hand-picked the mountains of NEOM for their next property.
“Together we will create an experience that can’t be recreated anywhere else. Our visitors and residents will experience a sanctuary that will capture the magic of Saudi Arabia, embracing ultimate luxury in an unforgettable location.”

Chris Newman of NEOM’s Hotel Division added, “We are excited to announce the collaboration with Ritz-Carlton Reserve within the unique mountains of Trojena.“This is a very special project which merits only the most exceptional and exclusive of brands. Only a handful of destinations the world over can lay claim to this honour, which further strengthens our relationship with Marriott.”

NEOM is one of the largest and most difficult construction projects in history, with the futuristic mega city set to cover a 10,000 square mile swathe of desert.
It is the crown jewel of several development projects launched as part of Vision 2030, Prince Mohammed’s bid to transform the way people live their lives around the globe.
Trojena, one of NEOM’s key developments, is planned for completion in 2026, and will host the Asian Winter Games in 2029.

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