17 April 2024

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Award-winning online broker Capitalix cuts through the crowd with a vast array of trading options and a suite of resources to help develop your skills

Founded in 2020 amongst an array of forex businesses that emerged from the pandemic, Capitalix saw an opportunity to start at a time when many people were trading online. The company is a modern financial service provider, regulated by the Financial Services Authority Seychelles (FSA), that offers a range of services to help traders explore the many opportunities offered by the financial markets.

There are over 150 instruments to trade, including major foreign exchange pairs, such as EUR/USD, and shares in huge companies including Netflix and Amazon. Commodities, such as oil and gold, and cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are also among the options available.

Traders can open their live trading accounts and access the various services offered to make their investment decisions. The tools and features are the latest and help to predict the market.

Quicker and easier

The site offers features like Daily Market Analyses, and an Economic Calendar to inform people about forthcoming major economic information from around the globe, such as the consumer price index, private medical insurance rates, and the nonfarm payroll. These make it quicker and easier to make informed trading decisions and stay on top of the fast-shifting markets.

For anyone new to trading, Capitalix offers a virtual account option, to get a feel for what it’s like before making trades in a real trading account. With a starting balance of $100,000, there is plenty in the practice pot for you to get the hang of trading before fully committing.

The broker also has multilingual options for both the site as a whole, and technical support, providing clients with personalised solutions and support. The opening hours are adjusted to the markets, meaning you can trade 24/5. Trading only takes place when the market is open, and positions can only be opened and closed, and orders place and modified during these live trading hours.

Recognised as “The Best Online Broker 2022” by The European, Capitalix bridges the gap between its clients and capital markets by providing a leading suite of options across its platform. With over 150 trading assets, various training resources, customised solutions and personal support, Capitalix is ready to offer the best trading environment possible.

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This article is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute trading advice. Forex/CFDs trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Please make sure that you fully understand Capitalix’s Risk Disclosure Policy via the website.

© Austin Distel / Unsplash

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