21 May 2024

Immersed in the luxury of past and present

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Quirky, edgy, historic and modern, the vibrant Sé Boutique Hotel encapsulates the spirit of Madeira. Guilherme Borges shows us around

Neighbouring the dramatic 16th-century cathedral Sé do Funchal, Sé Boutique Hotel is loved by regulars and newcomers alike for its welcoming atmosphere, excellent amenities and panoramic view of Funchal. The hotel’s commanding position allows you to absorb every detail of the cathedral’s Manueline-style tower and the picturesque old town beyond. Then, cast your eyes further to the picturesque outskirts of Madeira’s capital as its whitewashed houses and red-tiled roofs wind their way up the surrounding mountains. We say that Funchal is a city with its head in the clouds and its the feet in the sea – as you gaze from the hotel’s roof at the stunning views, you’ll understand why.  

Sé Boutique Hotel combines the modernity a modern traveller expects with the unique historic character of the region. The property is awash with colour and character, with paintings of flamingos and other worldly wonders immersing you in an alternative sun-kissed reality. Art is integral to Madeira’s heritage and the displays around the hotel embrace this passion.

Always a smile

The hotel lobby is a hive of welcoming energy, while the breakfast room, known as “the green room” has the vibe of an art gallery. Here, guests can enjoy delicious meals while casting an eye over the eclectic art. And the rooms vary delightfully throughout the hotel, with so  pastel colours creating calm and elegance. The interior design echoes the styles and traditions of Funchal’s Cathedral to bring a sense of history to your stay.

The hotel staff are always on hand to organise a range of experiences for our guests. Whether it’s a relaxing massage, a round of golf, a private chauffeur to a local hotspot, or a culinary experience there is something for everyone. They can even organise a photoshoot so you can have a memory to savour from our beloved island. We love our food on Madeira, and right next to the cathedral tower you’ll find a lovely restaurant O Calhau, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and savour the unique island atmosphere.

As well as art, Sé Boutique Hotel is filled with plants and flowers, creating an oasis for you to escape to. So, why not head to Madeira and slow things down for a week or two. There is much to see and do, or you can simply enjoy a good book, gaze at the view and relax at your home from home in Funchal.


Guilherme Borges is Social Media & Communication Manager at Sé Boutique Hotel.

Further information

www.seboutiquehotel.com | info@seboutiquehotel.com


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