20 April 2024

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Leading Caribbean based VM Group is a member-focused organisation that transforms lives by advancing the financial wellbeing of individuals globally

Originally known as the Victoria Mutual Building Society, VM Group (VM) was established in 1878 on the dreams of a group of clergymen who wanted to create a more equal society, one where hard working but economically marginalised Jamaicans had access to home ownership and could achieve financial wellbeing.

The business has grown significantly over the ensuing years with increased offerings, an expanded reach and a fast-growing global membership. However, what has remained consistent is the purpose of the business which continues to empower its members and clients to transform their everyday.

VM Group is composed of the following:

The VM Building Society, VM Finance, VM Investments, VM Wealth Management, VM Pensions Management, VM Property Services, VM Money Transfer Services, VM Innovations and the VM Foundation. British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC) and Carilend are affiliate companies.

The wide range of the group’s offerings enables the team to fulfil its mission to empower in many ways – and the team is committed to the cause. Since 2016 the group has been involved in a transformation process led by President and CEO, Courtney Campbell, who assumed the position in April of that year, that will position the business to impact even more lives. In fact, the group has set an audacious goal to grow its global membership to one million people by 2025.

"VM Group prioritise team member engagement"

Geared for growth

The ongoing transformation of VM Group is geared towards this tremendous growth and includes a brand transformation, which was rolled out in November 2021. This included new brand colours, new logos across businesses, and a new tagline – Transform Your Everyday. VM is also engaged in digital transformation, led by a bold digital transformation strategy. The aim is to re-imagine the way in which services are delivered, in keeping with its modern mutual ambitions, and commitment to delivering the products and services members and clients want, in the ways they want.

The digital transformation includes enhancing customer experience, convenience and accessibility, as well as introducing new products that are easily accessible through digital technology. The future will see VM continuing to invest heavily in technology, implementing significant process automation, and upgrading it spaces to reflect a more modern and cutting-edge look and feel, with all the relevant capabilities and conveniences.

VM places strong emphasis on company culture and in attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. This includes a progressive training, development and talent management programme which has been reaping tremendous results.

The group also prioritises team member engagement and continuously implements inventive ways to inform and inspire its team members. These efforts contributed to VM being certified a “Great Place to Work” by the Great Place to Work Institute, the global authority on workplace culture.

Importantly, VM has been a pioneer in nurturing relationships with members of the diaspora and was, in fact, the very first Jamaican financial institution to establish overseas representative offices to serve the needs of the Jamaican diaspora community. The first VMBS overseas representative office was established in the United Kingdom.

Today, VM has representative offices in the UK, Florida and New York and maintains a strong presence in Canada. Oversight of these offices rests with Leighton Smith, Chief Overseas Representative Officer, UK. Leighton is also Managing Director of VM Finance Limited.

Real impact

VM is set apart from its market competitors in large part because of its unrelenting commitment, not only to providing quality products and services, but also to empowering its members and clients through financial education.

In keeping with its founding purpose, the VM of 2022 works hard to ensure that its customers have the information and knowledge they need to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. The business hosts frequent online fora, publishes monthly digital newsletters, hosts virtual and in-person town hall meetings, actively engages on social media, among other things to ensure its Membership is empowered. As the times change, the media used evolves, but the purpose and commitment remain constant.

This is an exciting time at the VM Group. The business is buzzing and is on a path to achieve tremendous sustainable growth. This means more lives will be positively impacted. For VM, this is the most important thing.

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