20 April 2024

Precious metals app Minted expands exponentially

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With an exciting launch in Türkiye under its belt, Minted is showing that there is a real appetite for precious metals trading

As inflation soars to double-digit highs, savvy investors are pouring money into gold. One trading platform taking full advantage of this glistening trend is Minted. The app is rapidly expanding into new geographies, assets, and service models with an increase of 106% to its customer base, and its monthly turnover tripling in size since December 2021. September saw the launch of Minted in Türkiye, where four in ten investors believe gold is the best asset. And, driven by demand, the platform is now offering the highest quality silver – as well as gold – to investors online.

Right now, it’s a very hungry market, “Ordinary people – with ordinary incomes – are demanding precious metals just as much as the central banks”, says Shahid Munir, co-founder of Minted. “We’re here to make it happen”. With Minted, investors can buy precious metals for as little as £30.

“Gold and silver are called ‘safe haven assets’ for a reason”, Munir continues. “In the current economic climate, people are hungry for inflation-resistant assets that are safe and convenient to trade.”

Going international

Bringing convenience to the masses is central to Minted’s strategy as they laser-focus on new territories. “Türkiye was an obvious choice”, reveals Munir. “Gold is so deeply ingrained into society. Five thousand tonnes of gold, which is the equivalent of $300bn, is stashed away in ordinary homes. This is the perfect market to bring digital innovation for precious metals.”

Hitting the silver market, adding e-commerce

But the expansion doesn’t stop there. Minted have also taken advantage of the momentum to launch a new product, silver, topping it up with an e-commerce service.

“We’re delighted to partner with coin and bullion dealer, Chards”, says Munir. “With their vast experience and expertise in sourcing the highest quality silver, bullion bars, collectible coins and our technological prowess, we’ve created an extraordinary opportunity for investors.” Whilst Minted’s unique Vaulted Silver product allows safe haven investors access to low margin, VAT free silver with free secure storage, Minted Store makes it easy to buy gold and silver in the form of bullion bars and coins of various sizes.

“People are hungry for inflation-resistant assets”

Shahid Munir (Co-founder of Minted)

Demand for gold has rallied. Over the past five years, the price has jumped by 32%. By providing exceptional precious metals with convenient technology, apps like Minted are growing exponentially. Watch this space.

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