17 April 2024

ITI Capital announces successful onboarding of over 5,000 former SVS Securities clients

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ITI has completed over 2,200 transfer-out requests, with just a handful of unresponsive clients left for verification

ITI Capital, an emerging markets-focused brokerage firm, today announces that it has successfully onboarded over 5,000 former SVS Securities clients onto its state-of-the-art trading platform.

Additionally, over 4,000 clients with minimal balances have yet to respond to their account activation request, despite repeated letters, emails, and phone calls from the ITI team.

ITI originally completed the transaction to purchase retail clients from distressed broker SVS Securities in March 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic. At the time of purchase, SVS clients had not had access to their funds since the company was put into administration in August 2019.

The onboarding process initially suffered challenges, with the pandemic forcing ITI staff to work remotely, along with issues such as outdated email addresses and contact information for SVS clients delaying Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

ITI recently announced several major new updates for its platform, including offering clients the opportunity to invest in global Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Secondary Placings as part of major expansion of its services.

ITI is now also a key FCA-regulated prime broker in the UK that custodies Bitcoin, has expanded its crypto trading capabilities for professional and eligible counterparty clients to include block trading of BTCE (Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto) and ZETH (Ethereum Exchange Traded Crypto).

In March this year, ITI Group hired 30-year industry veteran Stephen Hawksworth as Chief Executive Officer with a brief to build the company’s market share and services in key global emerging markets.

Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director of ITI Capital, comments:

“After an incredibly challenging 12 months, with the Coronavirus pandemic causing huge disruption and a large-scale client verification programme to oversee, we are pleased to report substantial progress with our onboarding of former SVS Securities clients. We accept that there were challenges along the way, but are proud to have addressed these issues and worked swiftly to ensure all new clients can benefit quickly from the full range of services available via ITI’s platform.

“Our team has invested heavily in improving its customer support systems, including improved back-office IT and helpdesk support. We have also rolled out new services such as our IPO and Secondary Placement services and achieved unique status as an FCA-approved cryptocurrency specialist.

“We look forward to a very exciting year ahead at ITI, with many more new hires and announcements in the pipeline.”

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