25 May 2024

Personal data protected with the DEFeND Project

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The new platform will enhance security, privacy, data protection and personal identity

It has been developed as part of the “DEFeND – Data Governance For Supporting GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation) Project. The initiative is funded by the Commission under the “Europe Horizon 2020” programme. Abi Lab, the Banking Research and Innovation Centre promoted by the Italian Banking Association, participated in the implementation of the initiative for the specific area of ​​the banking and financial sector.

The project is aimed at developing a system to identify potential security aspects and flaws of personal data. The aim is to identify gaps in the protection of this critical information and to create a decision support system, which allows any identified issue to be analysed and corrected immediately and effectively. Hence the goal of DEFeND is to define, design and develop a platform to support organisations representing industries and sectors towards compliance with the operational guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Banking and financial sectors are also involved. 

DEFeND’s main objective is the improvement of existing software tools and structures, through the development of a scalable and modular integration solution to provide a single governance platform for organisational data privacy. 

The initiative was developed by a consortium of ten European public and private entities from Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

The DEFeNd platform has been tested in operational environments in various areas: healthcare, banking, energy and local public administrations. 

Abi Lab, contributed to the analysis of the operational and technological needs that are necessary for the implementation of the project in the banking sector. A specific group of banks were identified to analyse and verify the main results of the initiative by carrying out a pilot case. Abi Lab has also provided concrete support to dissemination activities, playing a key role in promoting the project at a European level with reference banks and financial institutions. 

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