Credicorp Capital win big in Peru

Banking & Finance
| The European | 16 February 2021

The organisation’s performance last year was recognised in The European’s awards

The financial holding company Credicorp Capital won three separate titles for its tireless efforts as part of The European magazine’s award scheme last year. Their success comes off the back of a unique year for Peru (one of the countries in which it holds a presence), which saw the country’s financial system evolve favourably alongside its economic recovery.

Credicorp Capital were not only named the ‘Investment Management Company of the Year’ for Peru, but were also awarded ‘Mutual Funds Company of the Year’ and celebrated for ‘Best Diversified Investment Performance’. 

“Credicorp Capital showed true dedication to its clients throughout a disastrous year’ a spokesperson for The European said, “despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the organisation continued to offer a dynamic range of options to its clients and ensure that secure investments were made at the right place and the right time. We also believe that Latin America is one of the most exciting places for investors to explore post-Covid, so Credicorp’s performance will only improve into next year.”

The European recognises organisations and individuals that stand out from the crowd and are consequently moving their industries forward. Good governance, innovation and know-how, and quality of service are all major considerations.

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