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SeABank cooperates with strategic HR consulting partners to assure sustainable development

Banking & Finance
| The European | 1 February 2021

The strategic cooperation agreements with four major HR partners will assist SeABank in strategy consulting, leadership development and delivering “extraordinary” customer experiences

‘Enhancing Quality of Human Resources’ is one of SeABank‘s five pillars for the 2021 to 2025 development strategy; therefore, the Bank signed with leading consulting partner Talentnet – Mercer for consultancy in project implementation and specifically, human resource management and development.

SeABank’s HR strategy calls for all segments to be ‘systematised’ in compensation and benefits, a key performance indicator framework, a competency framework, remuneration based on performance evaluation and salary structures strapped to position evaluations, sales incentive plans and career roadmaps. It is expected that this cooperation will deliver fair and transparent performance evaluations, improved operational efficiency and cohesion to retain personnel; all of which promotes enthusiasm and aspiration within the employee’s work that will contribute to the future success of the Bank.

SeABank has also entered into an agreement with two other prestigious HR related companies namely Crestcom Vietnam, a global leadership expert, and iChange Center, who specialise in building coaching programs to develop comprehensive capability in all levels of managers, leaders and employees. Collectively SeABank leaders and the consultants will create a well-crafted holistic strategy to support SeABank in building an even more empowered, enthusiastic, professional business team for the future.

With such a committed investment into human resources by the Bank there comes to strong desire to offer ‘customer-centric’ services to account holders. SeABank is determined to create a Bank culture that focuses on the customer experience through a mindset that cherishes customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. This prompted the signing with CEMPartner who possesses a wealth of experience and world class expertise in strategies for building “extraordinary” customer experiences. SeABank aims to optimise the Bank customer experience in all areas of the operation through a refreshed corporate culture of customer service. All employees are to be engrained with the mission to enhance every step and interaction of the customer journey.

SeABank considers these partnerships as ‘power steps’ toward the future HR and service standards as it’s vital to the success of the Bank; The entire strategy is a golden key, a long-term investment in its people to ensure the Bank in delivering an extraordinary experience to all stakeholders.

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