18 June 2024

An aviation safety regulator’s perspective

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The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) commenced operations on 1 May 2007, since then it has grown to become the world’s sixth largest business aviation register whilst maintaining the highest appropriate safety standards. Now, in its second decade of operation, the focus remains firmly on its founding ethos of safety with service.

IOMAR: The story so far

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is continually delivering key strategic goals, including:

Incorporation of the latest Standards and Recommended Practices required by the International  Civil Aviation Organisation, bringing IOMAR safety standards to the highest appropriate levels.

Repatriation of the aviation legislative process to the island from UK, allowing a highly responsive approach to changes in international aviation law. This facilitates optimal conditions for international business aviation whilst maintaining the IOMAR position as a responsible and proactive Aviation Safety Regulator.

Recognition of IOMAR Regulatory excellence by European Member State National Aviation Authorities has allowed enhanced cooperation between states, thus limiting potential for duplicated or contradictory safety oversight, so allowing business aviation to flourish safely and unhindered by unnecessary bureaucracy.

The IOMAR is completely digital. All original certification and documentation is authenticated and promulgated digitally, reducing courier costs and saving clients significant amounts of valuable time whilst maintaining standards.

The IOMAR successfully introduced a digital information system, vastly improving efficiency and eliminating the in-house error rate to virtually zero.
This has resulted in a step change reduction to the workload demands on the IOMAR team, facilitating more flexible and responsive operations, and saving clients further significant time.

What does the future hold?

Business aviation has a great story to tell. As with any industry, there have been highs and lows. Business aviation has faced many challenges over the last decade, with the financial crash being the most obvious low point. There have been periods of remarkable growth, technological advances, new companies appearing and some very positive developments.

A number of reports highlight sustainable growth in Europe’s business aviation traffic. Significant technological developments are coming, too. The resilience and resourcefulness of the people that make up the business aviation industry is ever-present. This creates optimism for the future and a firm belief in this industry’s success.

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