18 May 2024

Amex and Delta Reissue Inflexible Friend

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This credit card doesn’t just earn miles – it’s flown 66million of them

Delta Air Lines and American Express have rereleased their exclusive metal credit cards made from retired jumbo jet parts.

The contactless, limited-edition cards are available to US-based Delta Skymiles Reserve and Reserve Business customers from now until June 5, or until stocks last.

They contain 33 per cent metal from two of Delta’s retired Boeing 747s and feature those aircraft’s tail numbers, first and last flights, and the number of miles flown.

According to that information, the airliners took their maiden voyages in 1989 and 1990 and racked up 66million and 65million air miles respectively before their retirement in 2017.

It is the second time that Delta and AmEx have collaborated on a metal credit card. Their first, a black design in 2022, was made from 25 per cent metal from another retired 747.

Prashant Sharma, of Delta Air Lines, said the new white designs reflect the carrier’s commitment to “innovation and experience, adding: “Each card carries the legacy of countless journeys and embodies the spirit of exploration that drives our customers and all of us at Delta.

“When combined with the recently upgraded benefits, these cards provide a nod to our storied past and symbolize the elevated experiences our customers can expect in their future travels.”

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express and the Reserve Business American Express cards have an annual fee of USD$650, and feature benefits including a companion certificate each year after renewal, and complimentary access to Delta Sky Club and The Centurion lounges.

Images © Delta Air Lines

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