18 June 2024

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Bermuda is home to the oldest and largest offshore aircraft registry and is managed by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). In October 2016, BCAA completed a transition from a government-run department to a semi-autonomous administration, which has provided a host of benefits to the registry, including the flexibility to become more business and customer-focused.

The European spoke to BCAA’s Director General, Thomas Dunstan, about how the Bermuda Aircraft Registry has increased its presence in the global market and to learn more regarding the recent structural transformation.

What is the focus of the BCAA?

Thomas Dunstan: The authority’s main focus as a safety regulator is to make sure the aviation systems for Bermuda are safe for the general public and to provide a highly credible and reputable aviation oversight through the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

Why was the decision made to transform from a government department into an authority?

TD: After over 85 years of registering aircraft in Bermuda, the decision to transition to an authority was made to reduce the restrictions that apply to the public sector and to use the newly formed authority to increase productivity. This has enhanced customer satisfaction and will help to grow the island’s aircraft registry.

As a semi-autonomous administration, the Government of Bermuda is ultimately still responsible for BCAA, however, we are able to act more as an independent regulatory body, which is what is needed to dutifully carry out regulatory oversight.

Tell us more about the Bermuda Aircraft Registry…

TD: The Bermuda Aircraft Registry is the largest offshore aircraft registry and 10th in size compared to the 192 signatory states to the Convention on Civil Aviation. Currently, the registry includes a mix of both private and commercial aircraft operated on a Bermuda AOC or under Article 83 bis Agreements.

Based in Bermuda, the registry is a global organisation with an office in UK’s Farnborough,
a satellite office in Moscow run by Bureau Veritas, and a network of Airworthiness Inspectors worldwide. Our additional offices provide longer working hours to our customers and serves as a base for inspectors and inspections.

What are the benefits of registering with Bermuda?

TD: There are a number of benefits, including: financing, a secure mortgage registry, cost savings and tax neutrality.

BCAA continues to comply with standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and we work hard to maintain the registry’s world-class reputation for safety and regulatory standards.

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