18 May 2024

Toledo Capital AG – Preserve your wealth with experts you can trust

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For over a decade, Toledo Capital AG has built an expertise in wealth management excellence, establishing itself in the financial hub of Zürich, Switzerland

Founded more than 10 years ago as a multi-family office, Toledo Capital AG has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive wealth management and tailored made financial solutions adapted to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and families worldwide.

As a FINMA-regulated institution audited by PwC, Toledo Capital AG proudly stands as one of the first multi-family offices to establish an operating investment ecosystem within the highest standards of Swiss regulations. This ecosystem offers clients unparalleled opportunities to diversify their portfolios, encompassing everything from real estate investments to ventures in startups, along with access to top Swiss asset managers renowned for their adherence to the highest standards of excellence.

Central to Toledo Capital AG’s wealth-building commitment is a dedication to attaining favourable returns while mitigating risk and volatility. Customised to suit each client’s risk tolerance, Toledo’s investment strategies are built towards providing steady outcomes, with return targets spanning from London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) +3 to 7%. 

The company’s track record speaks volumes: in December 2023 the company reached a YTD return of 14.3% utilising their moderate risk model, all while maintaining a volatility rate of just 6.20%. Proving the continuing protection of their clients’ wealth but also its positioning for sustained long-term growth and prosperity.

Multilingual, multidisciplined

Driven by a vision to provide customised services without conflicts of interest, Toledo Capital AG focuses on delivering transparent and multigenerational wealth preservation strategies that resonate with clients’ values, aspirations, and legacies. Toledo Capital’s team of financial professionals boasts extensive expertise and fluency in multiple languages, including German, English, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian, allowing Toledo to effectively address the diverse needs of global clientele.

Illustrating the tangible benefits of Toledo’s ecosystem in driving client success, consider the case of one of their current clients. With a globally diversified portfolio, he expressed keen interest in delving into private equity investments within the realm of innovative startup companies. Leveraging their expertise, Toledo Capital AG’s Alternatives Desk meticulously identified and curated a selection of promising opportunities. This strategic approach culminated in a significant achievement: a successful commitment of $2.4m towards a late-stage medtech company. Not only did this investment align seamlessly with the client’s risk appetite, but it also underscored Toledo’s capability to deliver results that surpassed expectations.

Partnering with Toledo Capital AG means embarking on a journey towards financial prosperity and security. Toledo’s dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the complexities of wealth management, ensuring that your financial goals are met with precision and expertise. 

Contact Toledo Capital AG today and allow them to guide you towards a personalised financial solution tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. 

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