19 April 2024

Invest in a Greener Tomorrow with Westbrooke Associates

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Invest in a Greener Tomorrow with Westbrooke Associates

As urban areas continue to expand and the need for transportation grows, the challenge is to develop solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Innovating for a greener, more sustainable future means we help cities to traverse the worst effects of urbanisation and the climate crisis.

The implementation of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will undeniably bring about positive changes in urban air quality, but like any significant policy shift, it hasn’t been without its controversies. This includes additional financial strain for motorists, pollution displacement and the potential to impact local economies.

Either way, the introduction of the ULEZ in major cities is a stark reminder that the transport solutions of the past no longer serve our present needs, let alone our future. Consequently, the emphasis on sustainable transportation becomes not just relevant but critically urgent.

Transitioning to Car-Free, Zero-Emission Cities

Dedicated to the manufacture, sale and management of sustainable passenger and commercial transport in urban areas, Cityshuttle’s multi-purpose e-shuttles are uniquely positioned to ease the transition to car-free, zero-emission cities.

Purposed from the ground up to maximise existing infrastructure, such as bicycle lanes and pedestrianised zones, Cityshuttle’s mission is rooted in incorporating their e-shuttles into an electric multimodal urban mobility network, dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and providing efficient transport solutions for urban residents.

Westbrooke Associates: Recognising Paradigm Shifts

Alongside the expectations to bring financial returns, nowadays, investment opportunities also represent a chance to make a tangible difference in the world. Recognising this paradigm shift, Westbrooke Associates provides professional investors, institutional investors and venture capital firms with access to early and medium-growth companies at the revenue-generating stage. As such, the brokerage is proud to present this unique investment opportunity in Cityshuttle.

Westbrooke Associates has a track record that speaks for itself. Their staff have years of knowledge and experience in the investment sector and the brokerage has cultivated a reputation for identifying and championing forward-thinking opportunities.

Cityshuttle: Pioneering Sustainable Transport Solutions

The Cityshuttle fleet is designed with cutting-edge, zero-emissions technology while their service model provides the travelling public and business community with a safe, sustainable and affordable way to move around urban environments.

Rethinking how we use the technology and space that we already have, the fleet currently includes:

GECO: booked via an app or hailed on the street, passengers can ride in climate-controlled comfort.

ePack: enables businesses to reimagine how they move goods, making last-mile logistics quicker, cheaper and greener.

eDooh: revolutionising urban advertising, advertisers can extend their reach. Advertising will be managed by Cityshuttle as part of the service, in addition to maintenance and breakdown assistance.

With pre-orders and Letters of Intent exceeding £10 million, investing in Cityshuttle provides a compelling return on investment.

Westbrooke Associates Champions Forward-Thinking Investment Opportunities

As an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) opportunity, investing in Cityshuttle not only offers the chance to back burgeoning companies and directly support the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit, but also provides the investor with significant tax advantages. This includes relief from Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax, making EIS a strategic choice for diversifying portfolios.

The experienced agents and expert analysts at Westbrooke Associates conduct rigorous due diligence, ensuring that investment offerings are both financially sound and ethically commendable. When it comes to Cityshuttle, Westbrooke Associates believes they’ve found a unique, early-door opportunity to align with each value and vision for a sustainable future.

If you’re looking to combine green investment opportunities with tax advantages and a streamlined strategy, visit https://westbrookeassociates.com/ or call Westbrooke Associates on 0203 745 0294.


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