16 June 2024

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With an unparalleled focus on safety, the Cayman Islands Aircraft Register also offers flexibility, innovation and excellence in client service and support

The Cayman Islands provides a safe, stable and “friendly flag” jurisdiction for registration of aircraft. As an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands benefits from a high level of political, social, economic and judicial stability. Cayman is one of the largest, and most stable financial centres in the world – it is a leading jurisdiction for compliance and is respected for perfecting security over aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the custodian of the Cayman Islands Aircraft Register (CIAR). The CAACI has evolved since its establishment in 1987 following a strategy of stable growth, differentiating through strong regulatory experience and exceptional client service. As a Statutory Authority of the Cayman Islands Government, the CAACI employs highly qualified and experienced full-time technical regulatory inspectors, supported by highly competent staff to ensure aircraft are registered, maintained, and operated at the highest standards that benefits all stakeholders.

The CAACI provides a bespoke electronic document management system – VP-C Online – which electronically manages all aircraft registration applications, certificates and authorisations. The system makes it easier for clients to apply for the various approvals that are required for both initial aircraft registrations and for continuing airworthiness requirements, including the renewal of documents. This system streamlines processes within the CAACI and allows licensed users access to their aircraft’s documents around the clock.

Cayman registered aircraft are recognised globally as a high-value asset. The stability, and risk reduction associated with the Cayman registration creates value for financiers and their customers by lowering then cost of capital and increased residual asset values. Financiers can choose to hold onto that value or pass it on to customers.

All aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands are required to have a functioning and effective Safety Management System (SMS), which increases value by adding another layer of asset protection. The SMS is a series of processes that manage compliance, risk and give expectations that organisations continuously improve. An effective SMS lowers risk by identifying hazards/threats before they become an issue.

The focus on quality service, and flexibility positions the CAACI and the CIAR to continue to distinguish the Cayman Islands’ aviation regulatory and registration offerings from others. The CAACI and the CIAR remain committed to offering a personal, responsive and high-quality service to clients and partners and to finding innovative and efficient solutions to the needs of those they serve.

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