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Top 6 European Crypto Startups

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In a world where crypto is getting more and more important, new startups are popping up all over Europe in an attempt to solve some of the challenges that many people currently face in the industry. From trading software such as Immediate Profit to blockchain application design software, there are thousands of great crypto startups at our fingertips.

2021 was an enormous year for venture capital investment into the crypto sector – in the first 9 months of last year, $15 billion was pumped globally into crypto and blockchain, massively surpassing the $2.6 billion seen across the whole of 2020.

So, with crypto already making its mark and unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon, let’s take a look at some of the best European crypto startups.

Newly founded in 2016, SettleMint is a blockchain startup that focuses on providing the infrastructure for making the design of blockchain applications as simple as possible. They do this through a scalable and low-code BPaS (blockchain as a service) platform so that blockchain apps can scale and be ready for launch in an easier and faster fashion.

1inch is a new decentralised exchange founded in 2019 that aims to provide great rates by finding the best swapping routes out of all the biggest decentralised exchanges. This allows crypto traders to make transactions with their tokens without the use of an intermediary.  It now has more than $300m in trade transactions daily and is increasing rapidly. They also have their own crypto wallet.

Odem was founded in Switzerland in 2017 and aims to improve blockchain education. It is doing this by improving the current infrastructure with blockchain education and making it more affordable and accessible. It has since expanded its platform, and students can now control all their academic records with them being safely stored on the blockchain. 

Founded in 2020, Aleph.im is one of the newest startups on this list. This cross-chain network is a decentralised database that aims to provide decentralised applications with the tools to be able to remove the centralised elements of their stack. This allows for the architecture to become fully decentralised.

From its beginnings in 2018, this startup coming out of Lithuania aims to help ease the pain that comes with decentralised applications. DappRadar tracks these decentralised apps across different blockchains in a bid to find the fake and unnecessary market activity and produce quality market intelligence that traders can benefit from.

zkSync is known for its scalable Ethereum low-cost payments. One of the biggest problems with crypto at the moment is safety. zkSync helps with this by providing zero-knowledge proofs, as well as on-chain data to ensure the funds of their users are as safe as possible. This is a big development in Ethereum as the high fees and safety problems are often a problem for many traders.

Final Thoughts
These 6 European startups are some of the companies to keep an eye on in the coming years. However, it doesn’t end there. With new and great European crypto startups popping up all the time, the future for the industry is looking very, very bright.

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