2:17 AM, March 1, 2024

New early careers scheme launches to bring new talent into aviation

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New Department for Transport funded scheme launches to help young people find apprenticeships, work experience and graduate schemes in aviation and aerospace.

A new recruitment platform is launching today to support aviation employers as they continue to build a workforce that’s fit for the future.

Funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and supported by industry, the Aviation Skills Retention Platform (ASRP) has launched Talentview Aviation (TVA); a free-to-use platform designed to help young people in schools, colleges and universities to find opportunities to join the sector and help employers showcase apprenticeship, traineeship and graduate vacancies.

The UK aviation industry is committed to building a workforce fit for the future and is expected to recruit thousands of people for roles across the sector next year, including pilots, cabin crew, technicians and airport staff. Keeping a close eye on the future needs of the industry, employers are keen to encourage more young people to choose a career in aviation and aerospace.

TVA has already received support from across the industry including Virgin Atlantic, Flybe, and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Robert Courts MP, Aviation Minister, said:

“The aviation sector has an exciting future ahead as it embraces the new opportunities driven by decarbonisation, innovation and future growth. We are continuing to invest in future skills across the sector and are proud to back the new TVA platform.

“This platform will allow the sector to promote a range of roles across the aviation industry, attract young and talented individuals to exciting careers and help the industry to seize the opportunities of the future.”

The new TVA scheme allows employers to promote vacancies within their business to talented new recruits. Companies can search individual profiles for suitable candidates and have direct contact with students and apprentices who are actively looking for roles in aviation.

Richard Smith, director of TVA and the ASRP, says:  

“The industry continues to plan ahead, and build up the UK’s aviation workforce. This includes making sure it retains its talented employees and that there are plenty of opportunities for new, up-and-coming talent to learn about and forge themselves a career within the industry. 

“We have launched the platform now to enable the sector to prepare for the future recovery that we all hope to see next year. The launch of the TVA scheme will help to support growth ambitions for the aviation industry.”  

The new TVA recruitment platform is the newest offering from the Aviation Skills Retention Platform, also funded by the DfT. The ASRP was launched in February 2021 to support skilled people in all areas of the sector towards other job opportunities within the UK aviation industry – not just pilots, cabin crew and flight engineers, but individuals working in airports, air traffic, handling and FBO, ground operations, MRO and more. The ASRP helps talented individuals showcase their experience and expertise while helping businesses find the skills they need. For organisations, the ASRP provides direct support for both redeployment and recruitment activities, together with a framework for wider skills retention and development programmes across the aviation sector.

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