13 June 2024

So much more than just a bank

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Following a successful realignment process, Kaleido is ready to unfold its innovative, unconventional approach to delivering the very best for private and institutional clients

In less than a year, Zurich-based boutique bank Kaleido (formerly known as AP Anlage & Privatebank AG) has been completely realigned by CEO Rolf Bauer and COO Gian Nay. The process has gone much further than simply rebranding: since August 2020 the management duo has embraced the shifting commercial landscape, implementing a digitalisation process that ensures the demands of future generations will be met. The speed of the realignment has been impressive, achieving in months what can often take years.

With the expertise and support of Ripplewood Holdings, which represents the main shareholders, Bauer and Nay will now embark on a range of long-term transformation plans, developing the bank around their ideas and values.

A bedrock of experience

Kaleido’s clients can rely on 25 years of expertise, combined with an innovative approach to private banking. As a new part of the private banking hub InCore Bank/SOBACO, Kaleido works with the state-of-the-art banking so ware Finnova, which also facilitates the management of new assets, such as cryptocurrencies: “We know that new investment opportunities are a highly important topic for the younger generations in particular. This motivates us to create holistic strategies and customised solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals, as well as families and institutions,” says Gian Nay.

According to Rolf Bauer, the name Kaleido is inspired by a kaleidoscope: “Just like a kaleidoscope, we combine different elements to create a harmonious overall picture. For each individual client perspective, we create specific compositions of banking know-how, technology and network expertise.”

“We focus at all times is on ensuring personal, and above all, long-term relationships with our clients, with the aim of developing partnerships based on respect and trust. Our team is able to provide clients with access to a worldwide network of experts, which also creates space for exchange, new business relationships and collaboration,” adds Bauer.

From this perspective, a boutique bank goes far beyond the standard offering of a private bank, and for Bauer and Nay, one thing is clear – Kaleido is more than a bank.

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