20 April 2024

Prepare for the post-Covid boom

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As the world begins to emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, Ron G Holland says now is the time for businesspeople to prepare themselves for a new dawn 

Post-Covid, an economic boom time is coming. In the UK alone, the public are now sitting on well over £186bn in cash savings, just waiting for you to sell them your products or services. Although I predict a brilliant future, however, that doesn’t mean that money will just fall into your lap. You need determination to overcome all problems on a daily basis, waking up the next day and being prepared to do the same all over again. 

You will also need to find new ways of doing business and overcome every hurdle you encounter. Only the other day I tried to open a new bank account. The finance world is still reeling from the pandemic so it was no surprise when the computer said “no”. Within three minutes of rejection, I’d opened up a business account with one of the many challenger banks and it was done online, effortlessly. You may have to do the same: learn to live by your wits and make things happen for yourself – regardless.

Many entrepreneurs ask how I manage to make things happen quickly and effortlessly. The answer is that I am not scared of my own shadow or afraid to reach out and receive tons of rejections. I send out lots of emails and have cohorts working platforms like LinkedIn to generate lots of leads for me to talk to. 

The telephone remains the most powerful business tool by far. Too much gets lost in translation in emails and texts. In this post-Covid economy – whether you’re corporate or an entrepreneur – you need plenty of live dialogues with real people, either by phone or Zoom, with a view to setting up real meetings, in the real world and start pounding flesh again.

Think outside the box, prevail and conquer, and capitalise on the boom ahead, because it’s coming and you need to be prepared.

About the author 

Described as the ‘Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur’, Ron G Holland is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and business mentor, specialising in fund raising, cost effective marketing, and growth and strategy. He is now pre-launching his new book ‘Dead Man Talking – A Simple Road Map to: Wealth, Health and Happiness in the 21st Century’. Visit www.theubermentor.com 

Holland is also the founder of new human capital matching app Quollify, which has just launched back-to-back funding rounds for circa £3m, £10m and £100m. Head to p120 to find out more. 

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