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Does the world need to do more to combat climate change?

Executive Education
| The European | 29 August 2020

On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference that global efforts to combat climate change were insufficient, and that she would accelerate the fight to combat it in coming years. 

Merkel also stated that the European Union (EUneeded to adjust the climate goals it has set for 2030, and that she wanted a carbon pricing mechanism for the industry and transport sectors. 

Next month, the European Commision plan on proposing a new 2030 climate target for a 50% or 55% emissions reduction against 1990 levels, compared with an existing goal for a 40%. 

As current EU presidency holder and Europe’s largest greenhouse gas emitterthis year Germany is looking to steer talks between member states to attempt to strike a deal. The push for tougher goals has faced opposition from some eastern European countries concerned about the economic cost. 

While it can meet its climate target for 2020, it would have missed the goal if the economic havoc wrought by the coronavirus pandemic had not caused a large drop in emissions, said Germany’s environment ministry last week. 

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg last week urged Merkel “to be brave enough to think long-term” in a meeting where they discussed the climate crisis and measures to fight global warming. 


Reported by Berlin bureau 

Sourced Reuters 

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