25 May 2024

A programme of urgent importance

Executive Education
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Imperial College Business School and Emeritus have launched a new course equipping business leaders with the skills to navigate climate change.

Imperial College Business School, in partnership with global online education provider Emeritus, is running a new executive education programme to equip business leaders and decision makers with the crucial skills, knowledge and capabilities to better align their organisations to meet global climate change goals.

Launched in February 2022, the Sustainability Leadership Executive Education Programme is for middle and senior level leaders, across all sectors of industry who have either functional or organisational responsibility for leading sustainability initiatives. Delivered in partnership with global online education provider Emeritus, the curriculum integrates cutting-edge scientific knowledge with seasoned business and institutional insight, to help leaders identify and develop transformational change strategies for stakeholder value creation.

Spanning 13 weeks, the programme provides participants with the opportunity to learn directly from a global team of over 40 leading thinkers with expertise encompassing strategic, organisational and business model innovation, climate, health, social and environmental science, engineering and technological solutions and systemic change at business and institutional level. 

Maurizio Zollo, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Imperial College Business School and scientific director of the Leonardo Centre on Business for Society, says: “Businesses across all sectors and geographies are realising the need to win the competitive challenge by innovating at a fundamental level the way they create value. Doing this successfully requires the vision, the insight and the courage to undertake unprecedented transformational change initiatives. This programme nurtures both the competence and mindset required to identify and seize the strategic opportunities before them.”

State-of-the-art approach

Course content is further enriched by leveraging the latest research from the School’s Leonardo Research Centre, as well as a dozen of Imperial College’s research centres across all relevant scientific fields. It deploys state-of-the-art digital education tools, enabling participants to take part in live lectures and discussions, collaborate with other learners and build a global network of transformational leaders. 

Complementing the core modules, the curriculum utilises the latest neuroscience research on meditation and deep reflection to improve participants’ social and environmental consciousness.

The Sustainability Leadership Executive Education Programme provides practical tools for participants to implement immediately into their professional lives. Participants are encouraged to tailor their learning throughout the programme to meet the challenges faced by their organisations. David Brown, Director of Executive Education at Imperial College Business School says:

“This programme helps leaders answer the questions: ‘How do I lead and run a sustainable business? How do I develop a corporate culture that delivers on social responsibility and other goals?’ Never has this question been so urgent nor so difficult to answer. We are delighted that the programme that combines Imperial’s capabilities in science, technology and business with industry expertise and some of the world’s most foremost thinkers and doers in this subject.  Participants are developing leading insights and practical skills which will enable them to make a significant difference at speed. And we need that – right now.”

Further information  

Applications for the programme are open via:


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