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All you need to know about corporate culture audits

Executive Education
| The European | 1 April 2022

Corporate culture is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of any business. It can be the difference between you achieving all your goals and missing out on great opportunities. For companies big and small, corporate culture audits are an essential part of business life.

What is Corporate Culture?
Corporate culture is a wide-ranging term relating to all the different things that a company does that are not directly related to the tasks needed to make a profit. These include things like personal values, workplace behaviours, norms, employee recognition and company initiatives. Taken together, these elements form and underpin company culture. In the modern era, making sure all these components are given close attention is vital. The benefits of a good corporate culture, from improved communication to higher employee satisfaction and engagement cannot be ignored.

Meanwhile, with the effects of poor company culture leading to dissatisfaction, higher rates of underachievement, and loss of employees (it can be very bad for PR), it is simply a no-brainer to improve your company culture.

What Are Corporate Culture Audits?
A corporate culture audit is where auditors review the culture through reviewing the values, both real and perceived, found by the actions and answers of the employees and its stakeholders.

These audits can sometimes be complex affairs as there is often nothing tangible to measure. Of course, deciding whether company culture is good or bad company can be subjective and based on the auditors’ own experiences. However, most good auditors will ensure to perform their audits without bias, by doing lots of planning, and through thorough investigating and interviewing of employees.

The Benefits of Corporate Culture Audits
Audits will inform a company what they are doing well, and what they’re not doing so well. When you understand what the problems are, your business can take the right steps, and introduce the best practices to change your company for the better. It can highlight key issues causing difficulties, and help you eliminate them. From discrimination and bad management to lower than average productivity and bad absentee levels, corporate culture audits can help!

With business leaders often being in the company for so long, the bad and good elements of a company culture can become almost invisible to them, and so they need someone to illuminate the issues that are present so they can be overcome.

What Questions Will I Be Asked By the Corporate Culture Auditors?
The auditors will ask you and your employees a wide range of different questions to properly gauge the type of culture you have in your company.

‘How would you describe your corporate culture?’ This is a basic, open-ended question, but it’s often a difficult question. It can be hard to talk about a culture you have been immersed in for so long.

’How would your employees describe the leadership style of the company?’ This question is necessary to help the auditors figure out just what exactly the culture is surrounding the leadership and how it can be improved. The answers you get might surprise you!

Finally, your employees will probably be asked about how mistakes are usually managed. If there “blame culture” is present in the company, this may be a reason for unmotivated employees and higher absenteeism.

All in all, corporate culture audits are a great way to improve productivity and employee engagement in your organisation. If you’re looking to generate some extra funds to invest in your organisation, then check out the great opportunities in the crypto market with thebitqtapp.com/de

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