24 April 2024

Inside AvaTrade’s newest platforms

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Less is quickly becoming more in the world of online trading, which is why two new platforms are cutting through the competition

There are many things to be said about AvaTrade: a global company, regulation extraordinaire, Manchester City FC partner, and a broker who truly caters to the client’s daily trading needs.

It is quite rare to find decent companies these days, and even more so – companies that are, not only customer-support enthusiasts, but also serious players in the market.

Recently, AvaTrade released its take on web trading, aptly named WebTrader. It’s funny how quickly things change in this industry. Not long ago there was a phase where everyone wanted more of everything – more features, more charts, more data. Platforms became busy and complicated. It seemed like the trading world was fast approaching an era where the average Joe could no longer participate in the financial markets. And then came WebTrader.

As opposed to the shiny platforms with a ‘the more the merrier’ attitude, WebTrader can be described in one word – simple. In today’s busy world, with highly demanding jobs and long working hours, people need a simple, intuitive solution. WebTrader is all of that and much more. It somehow manages to provide an exciting, clean, elegant trading experience without the noise. It has less charts and features than its counterparts, MetaTrader 4 and 5, but it couldn’t be more complete. WebTrader keeps you focused on what matters now and what other AvaTrade clients are trading and displays all your open trades in one place. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool, and by being that, it saves a lot of time otherwise spent in scrolling, reading, researching and viewing charts.

And it doesn’t end there. Mobility has become just as important as simplicity. Knowing the markets and realising that people spend the majority of their day with their mobile devices, AvaTrade needed to cater to them as well. This is how the AvaTradeGO app was born. A fast-food approach to trading. An easy, quick solution that you can have on the go while going about your day. With its easy-to-navigate homepage, informative look at price and trading alerts, an education centre and over 1,000 assets to trade on, AvaTradeGO delivers this and a whole lot besides.

One last thing to remember: this is a $5tn-a-day market, and there are many opportunities just waiting to be seized. The question is – what platform should it be?

Get into the financial markets and start your trading journey with a regulated broker.

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