18 May 2024

Pizza Hut enters burger business… with bun and patty-free mashup

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Pizza Hut is entering the burger business – and reckons its debut offering cannot be topped

The US chain claims to have “cracked the code” and invented the world’s best cheeseburger.

Its Cheeseburger Melt is said to be a “better way to burger” because it has no “soggy” bun but two folded pizza crusts instead.

And rather than a large meat patty, the pizza-come-burger is filled with smaller chunks of beef and an assortment of other ingredients.

It comes with the “world’s best burger dipping sauce” on the side.

Pizza Hut is so confident about the mashup that it is trolling other fast-food outlets by taking branded cars through their drive-throughs.

The aim is to encourage consumers to “cheat on their usual burger chain”.

It is understood the Cheeseburger Melt will only be available in the US.

The Hut’s move into burgers is not the first time that major US food brands have tried to enter this lucrative market.

In 2018, the American pancake house IHOP changed its name to IHOb to promote its new line of burgers.

Lindsay Morgan, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, said: “As a brand known for exceptional pizzas, venturing into the burger business is an exciting first for us,.

“We thought we’d kick off our burger journey with something bold. That’s why we’re making waves in burger chain drive-thrus, serving up our delicious new Cheeseburger Melt for all you burger lovers out there.”

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