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Barclays Private Bank appoints Juliet Agnew as Head of Philanthropy

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 Juliet will lead the Philanthropy service offered by Barclays Private Bank

2 August 2021 – Juliet Agnew has been appointed as Head of Philanthropy for Barclays Private Bank. Based in London, Juliet will lead the Philanthropy service offered by Barclays Private Bank, which supports Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients and their families in their philanthropic giving.

Juliet will report to Lisa Francis, Head of the UK and Crown Dependencies, Barclays Private Bank and is succeeding Emma Turner, who is retiring after more than 12 years at Barclays, where she has been instrumental in developing the Philanthropy service offered by the Private Bank.

With 18 years’ accumulated experience, Juliet has spent the last decade working with companies, charitable foundations and families in the area of philanthropy. Juliet began her career working with award-winning human rights and international development charities. Previous roles include Managing Director at a multi award-winning UK family foundation, Director of UBS Philanthropy Services, Director of the charitable foundation of Ashmore Group and Head of Philanthropy at I.G. Advisors.

Lisa Francis, Head of the UK and Crown Dependencies, Barclays Private Bank, commented: “I’m extremely pleased to welcome Juliet to the Barclays Private Bank team and look forward to working with her to further develop our Philanthropy service as we continue to support our clients in their philanthropic aims and guide them in all aspects of charitable giving.”

Juliet Agnew, Head of Philanthropy, Barclays Private Bank, added: “Barclays Private Bank’s expertise and deep understanding of the UHNW and philanthropic landscape makes it well placed to help clients find the right approach and focus to giving. Philanthropy plays such an important role in today’s world and I am delighted to be joining a team so committed to supporting clients in their philanthropic journey.”

Barclays Private Bank is a world-leading private bank and a trusted partner to UHNW clients and Family Offices, offering a broad range of banking, credit and investment solutions across the UK and core international markets.

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