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Atempo Miria certified for the Nutanix Files solution

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| The European | 1 July 2020

Atempo, the Data Management software publisher, today announced the technical validation by Nutanix of its data migration solution Miria for Migration on the Nutanix Files storage environment. This new offer enables businesses to securely and reliably migrate their data from their previous storage systems to Nutanix Files.

Far from being limited to simply switching users to a new storage environment, data migration requires a careful preparatory phase that is crucial to a successful migration. It is also essential to limit data access downtime to minimise the impact on production and users. Atempo’s expertise and know-how in the movement of unstructured data between heterogeneous storages led to the certification of Miria for Migration on the Nutanix platform. This successful validation now makes it possible for Nutanix users to have a proven solution to accelerate and secure their migration projects, in particular those that require high levels of performance and reliability.

This certification was carried out by Nutanix using the latest version of Miria for Migration. With this new version, synchronisation workflows can now be configured in just a few clicks and monitored in real time, thanks to a new, simple and user-friendly graphical interface.

Key points of Atempo “Miria for Migration”

During the migration of one file system to another, using its FastScan functions, the software quickly detects created, modified, or deleted objects and provides an “incremental synchronisation” with the target. Using processes that can be run in parallel and that are multi-threaded for optimum performance, ’Miria for Migration’ adapts to all file sizes (> 1KB up to several TB) and maintains ACL integrity, thereby providing:

  • Incremental and automatic file migration between heterogeneous storage
  • Minimum impact on production and fast cutover to the new storage
  • Automatic integrity checks on migrated files
  • Performance optimisation
  • A single platform to migrate and then secure the new storage if necessary

Using the NFS and SMB access protocols, the ‘Miria for Migration’ by Atempo solution makes it possible to simply and securely migrate any existing file storage solution to Nutanix Files. Whether migrating production data with specific access availability requirements, or integrity constraints, ‘Miria for Migration’ significantly reduces migration times and the costs incurred to maintain the original storage. “ declares Pascal Potier, Pre-Sales VP at Atempo.

For more information visit: www.atempo.com.

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