13 April 2024

An MBA for life

Executive Education
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The business environment is now characterised by an increasing pace of change in the wake of globalisation. Against a backdrop of growing political uncertainty and combined with the onslaught of digital disruption, new knowledge and fresh thinking have never been as crucial as today.

Consequently, life-long learning and acquiring new skills are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for survival and personal growth. Going back to school to earn an MBA is probably one of the most rewarding ways to update and revitalise your career outlook, skills portfolio and personal network.

According to the Financial Times ranking, the Executive MBA program at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) currently ranks as number 59 in the world and number 23 for career progress.

Many SSE graduates have seen the clear benefits of the MBA program for themselves. “I have certainly sharpened my analytical skills and financial understanding.” says Karin Ebbinghaus, SSE MBA alumna.

Financial understanding has become a prerequisite for decision makers throughout organisations, and also lies at the heart of one of the two concentrations available within the SSE MBA program.

“The goal is to boost understanding of the financial perspectives of value creation in a company. Everyday financial decision making in corporations requires an understanding of the interactions between corporations and the financial environment as well as of global capital markets and how they influence firms,” explains Bo Becker, Professor in the Department of Finance at SSE.

Tomas Hjelström, Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting at SSE goes on to say, “the format is highly interactive, making extensive use of real-life examples and case studies throughout. The focus is on the practical aspects of financial management, giving participants a solid understanding of how to optimally use quantitative financial techniques in real-life business situations and decision.”

Another SSE MBA alumnus, Toby Stevenson, emphasises that the SSE MBA offers more than just a toolbox: “It’s an evolutionary process. You always learn something, whether it’s a review of something, or tweak an idea you have, or even something else that will blow your mind. There is something here that you can take away.”

Speaking about personal growth and how this supports productivity in the workplace, Robert Olofsson, SSE MBA alumnus, says he has, “grown as a contributor within my organisation and I’ve been able to build skills in areas that I needed to, and at the same time I have grown as a person. It’s an investment in myself as an individual. It’s about immersing yourself completely in an academic environment while working at the same time.”

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