25 May 2024

Energise your events in Iceland

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The meetings industry is always seeking new ways to increase audience attention and inject energy into events. Modern trends include incorporating elements of wellness and healthy living to boost energy levels, and maximising social media to connect and engage. It’s this mixture of nature, culture and modernity that make Iceland such a great business destination.

Iceland has a world-class conference and events infrastructure, which dovetails with the island’s incredible landscapes and wildlife. It’s the perfect recipe to inspire your team, or have delegates looking forward to your event.

Why Reykjavik?

It is well known that exposure to the great outdoors increases our capacity to concentrate and in Reykjavik, many venues offer stunning views to complement the well-equipped facilities. Beyond the city limits is another world of volcanic scenery and outdoor adventure opportunities.

Unlike some major European cities, which can be overwhelming in size, Reykjavik has a compact urban centre that people find easy to navigate. The city centre is safe, clean and full of great shops, restaurants, cultural attractions and a vibrant nightlife. The city is a hotbed of activity all year round, and has a remarkable number of festivals and events that attract visitors from around the world.

Over the past few years, Iceland has emerged as one of Europe’s most dynamic culinary destinations, full of exciting places to try appealing new recipes. However, the most important ingredient in Icelandic food is its location. Iceland’s coastline and clean rivers mean its renowned for its fresh fish and seafood, while geothermal energy makes it possible to produce a year-round supply of seasonal vegetables, grown locally in organic greenhouses.

Reykjavik has accommodation to satisfy every conference planner’s requirements and offers a fantastic selection of fabulous guest houses and hotels. Several luxury hotels are currently being built, adding an opulent edge to the choice of accommodation.

There are many venues to choose from depending on the purpose and style of your event. You will find traditional conference hotels alongside unique attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon and the Whale museum.

The Reykjavik conference centre, Harpa, is situated on the harbour in the city centre. The centre is an architectural masterpiece, and has received many international awards. It’s one of those special venues that injects fresh energy into every event.

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