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Danube Business School Austria

Executive Education
| The European | 9 June 2017

Danube Business School Krems Austria is leading the Executive MBA’s Industrial magazine Ranking 2017 for the best MBA programmes in Austria. For the fourth year in a row, the Executive Master of Business Administration programme has been voted number one in the country. Our Executive MBA programme covers a unique 3-Dimension Learning Model focusing on Leadership Techniques, Strategy Innovation and Global Business Dynamics guiding our students to understand the importance of innovation for business and society in a new professional way. The “Experiential LAB” offers an innovative, real time learning space for entrepreneurs, creators and business leaders. More information about the Business School’s innovative programmes including Executive MBA, Professional MBA and Master in Business Administration (One Year MBA) can be found on our website.

Lead Innovatively. Learn Globally. Act Strategically.

Are you also confronted with steadily increasing complexity in your business environments, such as digitalization, as well as global economic dynamics, resource constraints and accelerating innovation cycles? Are innovation and transformation more than just buzzwords in your prospective business? Our MBA programmes cover state-of-the-art general management education linked with international standards for achieving the top management level. Specifically, our Executive MBA curriculum is designed to meet the latest international education standards in the business field. Its target group are business leaders who aim to deepen and broaden their general management expertise and competences.

By joining our programmes you will make contact and collaborate with international executives on different case studies, develop “best practices” for your business and exchange experiences with executives from diverse industries and professional backgrounds. The programme also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your strategic decision-making competence, improve your people leading skills, learn how to reflect and tap into your full potential to grow.

International Accreditations

An important part of the Danube Business School quality commitment is that we are ACBSP (Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs) and FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) accredited. ACBSP is the leading accreditation association for business education programmes, celebrating and rewarding individual teaching excellence.

Become a Student of Danube Business School in Krems. Gain access to global networks, tap into the experience and expert knowledge of our highly skilled lecturers and boost your personal leadership potential – be part of the Danube Business School Krems.

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